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NO:ID Gallery 31 Commercial Road, Fr-Sun 1pm-6pm

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Situated on 31 Commercial Road, in the heart of Whitechapel just between Aldgate East, Brick Lane, the Whitechapel Gallery and the Metropolitan University, we show Unknown Art and present Constant Change.

We present a new show every week holding private views on Thursdays 6-9pm, the opening hours Friday to Sunday 1-6pm, the opening event usually followed by a performance night of the special kind next door.

forthcoming exhibitions - no:id gallery

steve price

"Democracy 2.0"

( screen prints )

July 9th-12th

Steve Price - Democracy 2.0

pauline hall

( painting / installation )

geraldine swayne

( painting )

steve rushton

( video installation )

christina mitrense

( sculpture / installation )

August 13th-17th

Press release Christina Mitrense

jonas ranson

( screen prints )

August 20th-23rd

Press release Jonas Ranson

past exhibitions - no:id gallery


' no:id '

4th-14th June 2009

Janmaat: NO:ID queens. Opening Exhibition of NEW NO:ID gallery, June 4th, 2009

gera urkom

' denying matisse ' featuring sculptural installation piece ' L'escargot Noir '

Gera Urkom (renowned Belgrade-born Painter/Conceptualist) continues his on-going intellectual debate with the history of painting as the Primary forum for the explication of complex meaning in the Post-Modernist 21st Century.

18th - 21st june 2009

gera urkom defying matisse

alexandra valy


25th - 28th june 2009

Drawing on the language of mythology, fairy tales, popular culture and everyday life, Alexandra Valy contrasts realistic and symbolic references in order to construct new meaning.

Alexandra Valy Press pack (.zip)

Gguðrún sigríður haraldsdóttir

'known not known'

2nd - 5th july 2009

Guðrún Sigríður Haraldsdóttir is a multidisciplinary artist and designer; born in Iceland and currently based in London. She creates scalable, multi sensual, site-specific, public and private art pieces, installations and designs; - either from client’s briefs or self generated.

Primary concerns within Guðrún´s art work are memories and perceptions, spanning from the personal to the universal and examination of our various ways of coping and making sense of our existence. Her work often has an element of history or storytelling. The site specific installations often respond to the history of the site and explore the idea of what “site specific memories” might still linger in the air or be embedded in the fabric of the site. Where as the smaller pieces tend to examine the more personal memories, emotions and state of mind; - occasionally drawing on her own experiences, but more often concerned with the collective passing down of patterns of behaviour, traditions and folklore.

In “known not known” at the NO:ID gallery Guðrún exhibits works created during a residency earlier this year, at Breiðdalssetur, a museum on the east coast of Iceland. This body of work is based on an album of early 20th century photographs found at a remote farm nearby and examines the idea of identification and reliability of information. What is identification and who is it for? – how and what do we read into information left to us by our ancestors?

The images are digitally printed and embedded in a translucent skin like flakes. Some linger in the air as unclear, ambiguous memories of people from times long gone and others framed, focusing and examining the information left through the methods and materials of the period.


31 Commercial Road, London E1 1LD

NO:ID is a new space to present contemporary art and art-practices which both fall within and without the boundaries of accepted gallery/curatorial disciplines.

NO:ID served as both an actual and virtual shop-window for artists and thinkers who in whatever media seek to question the limited assumptions of artistic platforms.

NO:ID is a creative hub for practitioners from as varied and fragmentary a spectrum of the arts - both visual and time-based as we can give a collective umbrella to in one forum.

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