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NO:ID Club: Be Your Own Art Night


Starting on June 4th, we are hosting the Thursday night, right after the private view of the gallery. It's an amazing space we're developping here - we'll have the performances in the gallery, or, if we need more space, in Cafe Fresh next door, or, if we need even more, in the large hall...

At present, it's a member's only thing, so expect the unexpected. Here is what we expect from you: be your own art. You know NO:ID is about defying, defining, defending and deflecting identity, so please dress up.

We will astonish you with the most unexpected in music, spoken word, performance and video art in a cabaret variety night of the special twist. Remember that there are no boundaries between the arts - we will present performances, films, music, etc. in this special venue.

A reasonable door take will give you no:id membership patches for this and future events.

June 4th at Alhambra 9pm - 12pm

featuring (not necessarily in this order):

The Readers The Readers are a 10 piece art performance band who create macro burlesque electronic rock operas about works of seminal cultural and artistic importance. Past operas include 'Oh The Divine Marquis' and 'I Was a Good Boy, I Was a Bad Boy; The life and Times of Bruce Nauman'. Their latest work, performed for the 1st time at Spring Studios on thursday, was a blend of the dreariest works of TS Eliot and Boney M, requested for The Armageddon Show.


KLK are a group of three London based composer/performers, who have worked together extensively on many projects, happenings and festivals over the past four years. Newly formed, they headlined at an experimental poetry/burlesque event “The Not Night” at Barden’s Boudoir in Dalston, performed at the launch of I.R.P. goes live, at Southwark Playhouse in March 2009 and have recently performed in Trakai, Lithuania. SpokenWordMusic is their game, originally performing works by Matthew Lee Knowles (This is Fluxus, The Story of a Magnificent Banquet, Ode to a Manifesto for Sound, A History of the Offensive Eye) and are continuing with works by all three members. They now have fifteen pieces in their repertoire and will feature in a new happening by Matthew in a London library this July. Matthew Lee Knowles Myspace

Shameless Theatre Annouchka Bayley (voice) & Jan E. (NO:ID / Lonesome Cowboys from Hell (bucket bass)
to perform a few numbers.

Peri Whyte

Louche 50 something guy that should really know better than hangin round as a backdrop to hip pranksters - has bin doing a few west end gigs at Laughing Horse clubs, Pear Shape Bloomsbury and recently at The White Hart Smithfield market that ended unexpectedly as the p a blew a fuse - don`t expect dyinamite it`s more a complex 5 minutes or so of lateral asides snides and politico indegestion.

Acoustic Funky Jazzy Impro session

...some of the finest London alternative musicians - well is it jazz??? - are expected down for a mad happening of improvisation... well it's Be Your Own Art Night finally!

Be Your Own Art Venue

...and more...

After all that, we will retreat to Fresh Club in the function room of Cafe Fresh, 29 Commercial Road. It looks like this there:

café fresh